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Hedge provides Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions that enable clients to onboard their customers smoothly with low verification costs, a streamlined KYC/AML program, and the ability to verify their identities and documents automatically.
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Why Hedge’s global AML/KYC solution?

We assist your business in meeting its regulatory obligations, making informed decisions, and preventing your business from laundering proceeds from financial crime or being linked to corruption.

Having over two decades of experience in the regulatory compliance space, Hedge understands the unique dynamics that industry is facing with constantly evolving technologies that fight money laundering and terrorism, while at the same time making it hard to secure your business against changing market.

Our state-of-the-art technology, in conjunction with our expertise, allows you to streamline your customer and third party screening process. The software can be readily integrated into different workflow screening platforms, such as your in-house, cloud-based, or third-party solutions, based on what works best for your requirements.

Our Products


AML Transaction Monitoring

AML Screening

Risk Management

On-Chain Analysis

Regulatory Reporting

AI Enabled Recognition

Liveness Detection

Microexpression & Depth Analysis

Blur & Glare Detection


OCR Enabled Document Recognition

ML enabled Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

AI enabled Forged Document Detection

AI enabled Barcode and MRZ Scanning

Address Verification

IP Check

AI Enabled Fraud Detection

Fraud Monitoring

Behavioral Biometrics

Suspicious IP Address (Tor)

Fraud Monitoring

Enhanced Analysis

Uncover fraud rings

Based on collected information, block, allow, or flag individuals

Consumer Networking

Other Features

2 Factor Authentication

Data Tagging

PCI Compliance


Security & Privacy Practices

are at the core of everything we do

Simplified Integration Process

Through robust integrations based on modern tools, including security and real-time webhooks, the Hedge platform makes it possible for production-ready integrations. Your side is freed up to focus on other tasks, while our staff will be available to assist you. We’ll handle all of the work for you when it comes to integrating Hedge.

Our Industries

Financial Services



Web 3.0



P2P Market




Are you looking to Customize your verification flow to meet the needs of your Business?

The client centric solution from Hedge transforms the workflow to your desires; you simply take control and control the flow.

Identify the ID documents and address proofs you need

Automate the workflow to capture everything using OCR

Documents that are acceptable for specific user groups can be configured

Identify user profiles sharing documents which raise red flags and need further analysis in case management

Our Partners

Global Coverage

Hedge simplifies compliance and makes it borderless and programmable for ambitious companies around the globe. We help companies onboard honest customers and verify their identities instantly throughout the world.